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The Whirlwind pcDI Direct Box


The new Whirlwind pcDI is the first direct box designed to interface your unbalanced stereo line sources with professional balanced low impedance equipment.

This unit contains two completely separate DIs with color coded RCA phono type input and through jacks and color coded XLR outputs.

Each section is totally isolated from the other, features a ground lift switch to help eliminate hum and a 20dB pad switch for connecting to "hot" signals.

Perfect for interfacing with CD players, computer sound cards, tape decks, etc.

Whirlwind does it again - CONNECT with the new pcDI

EDB-1 Direct Box

An economy direct box offering rugged construction
while maintaining exceptional sound quality.
Features include:
  • 1/4" In and Through Jacks
  • Pad switch for connection to "hot" signal sources
  • Ground Lift switch to help isolate hum and buzz
  • Metal construction and quality transformer
  • Superb sound quality
Input Impedance: 20k Ohms
Output Impedance: 150 Ohms
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB
Level Change: -20dB (input to output, pad switch set to zero dB)
Pad: 3 position, provides 0dB, -20dB, -40dB additional attenuation

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The Whirlwind DIRECT2 combines features found on two of our DIRECTOR® direct boxes in one unit.

Each section is comprised of two 1/4" input jacks, one XLR male output connector, a -20dB pad switch and a ground lift switch. Hi/Lo and unbalanced to balanced conversion is accomplished with the same high quality TRHL-M transformer found in the Whirlwind DIRECTOR.

Perfect for converting unbalanced signals from stereo keyboards, acoustic guitar preamps, CD and tape players, etc.
The input and output grounds are kept isolated from each other so that the DIRECT2 can be used with two separate sources without ground loop interaction.

PA-1 Personal Amplification System
The Whirlwind PA-1 is a high output, low distortion, portable monitoring device suitable for critical listening in any professional audio environment.

Use for:

Headphone distribution systems.
Sign language interpretation or language translation.
(The superior sound quality will reduce ear fatigue when working over extended periods of time.)
Adding headphone monitoring to any piece of audio equipment.
Boosting weak headphone outputs in high SPL environments.

The PA-1 accepts either balanced or unbalanced stereo, line level signals through parallel XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs.

A switch changes the input connector configuaration from separate balanced inputs to combination unbalanced
(Tip/Pin2 = Left, Ring/Pin3 = Right)
for accepting signals from sources such as headphone jack outputs.

Powered by two 9 volt batteries that load into easy access drawers or external AC power supply (included).

The NEW AS8X4 Active Splitter


The new Whirlwind AS8X4 microphone splitting system provides a new level of versatility for systems requiring 5-way mic splitting for as few as 8 or as many as 64 channels.

This system is based on rack mount modules, each having the capability of splitting 8 mic channels to 1 direct (passive) and 4 active destinations. A pair of high quality Lundahl transformers (Sweden) on each channel provide superior noise rejection and balancing, making this unit the ideal choice in applications where extremely long cable runs are required.

Each channel features switches for engaging a 20dB input pad, 48V phantom power and for placing the channel into "listen" mode which adds it to a headphone monitoring buss.
A three step LED monitors available headroom.
Two power supplies are available, one for powering up to 3 units (24 channels) or a larger supply for powering up to 8 units (64 channels).

All connections are made via Phoenix terminal strips for easy, solderless, on site termination. Dip switches are provided for each channel which set ground lift status and provide 10dB or 20dB of gain boost per channel. An additional 20dB of output boost can be switched in for each pair of channels.

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Use this handy box when you need to split a line level* signal up to 6 times.
Features 1 female XLR input wired to 6 male XLR outputs.
Perfect when adding extra amplifiers to a system, connecting multiple powered
speakers, splitting intercom lines, etc.

* Line level outputs can usually be split 6 times without noticeable loss of signal quality.
The actual number of splits that can be accomplished depends on the level of the
source signal and the impedances of the source and destinations in a particular application.
It is not recommended that the SPLIT 6 be used to split a microphone level signal to more
than two or three outputs. Attempting to do so may result in poor frequency response and
reduced signal level. The SPLIT 6 may be used to split microphone level signals in most
applications if this limit is observed.

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